Friday, February 4, 2011

Clases, Fiestas, Comida

This past week in Caceres has been amazing. I absolutely love it here! We had orientation on Monday and started classes on Tuesday. So far, I am enjoying most of my classes. I really like my grammar professor and my communications professor. As for my other two classes... my professor for Spain Today is a little boring and he is a little hard to understand because he mumbles a lot, and we haven't had class yet for my art and history class. I haven't had too much homework but I have a little to do this weekend. I have to watch a game show on tv tonight called "Pasapalabras" and take a few notes on it. I also have a small paragraph to write and I have to give a speech on Tuesday that I need to prepare for.

Tomorrow is my host mom's birthday! We are celebrating tonight by having dinner and going out for "chupitos." Claire and I are a little nervous... I've heard she can be quite the partier! She is inviting about 5 or 6 of her friends over for dinner and then I think we're all going out. It should be a fun time except I'm exhausted from last night! I don't think I'll ever be able to party like the Spaniards do. They go out for "tapas" (which are bars that give you free samples of food with your drinks) around 10 or 11 and then around 1 or 2 they go to discotecas and stay out until 6 in the morning! We went out last night for the first time but Claire and I only lasted until about 2:30.

I'm still adjusting to a few things here. For example, showering! Not only is there barely any water pressure, but I have to limit my showers to about 5 minutes... which I could do if the water temperature would be consistent. I'll get in the shower and it will be just the right temperature for about 10 seconds and then it will start to get a little colder. So I will slightly adjust it so it can get warmer and all it does is turn scalding hot! Also, I've learned that I can't ever shower in the mornings because I get up before Lola has to go to work and apparently we have to light some burner in the kitchen to turn on the hot water and we have no idea how to do that. I sure do miss showering in the U.S.

Another thing I'm still adjusting to is the way people pronounce my name here. I've been so used to Americans pronouncing my name as "shee-uh" or "shay-uh" that it's hard for me to know when people are trying to get my attention here when they call out "shee" or "jeah." (I'm not even sure how that second one goes.)

As far as food... we haven't had too many other weird things. Although today I tried sardines... I remember as a kid, my dad would always eat sardines out of the can and I thought they looked and smelled so disgusting that I swore I'd never eat them. Well, today I tried them (even though they looked like tiny slimy little fish) and they weren't too bad. Not one of my favorites, but it reminded me of tuna - which I love. However, the appearance of some of the food here just weirds me out a little... mostly the seafood. Oh, and Claire and I FINALLY found some good churros! Apparently there's this small little "Churreria" right by where we live. Probably not a good thing.

Tomorrow, most of the group is going to Trujillo, Spain. It's not too far from Caceres, but it is supposed to be "muy precioso." We are taking a 45 minute bus ride there and back... just for the day. I'm not sure what exactly we're going to do there but I think the most famous thing to see is the castle. I'll be sure to post some pictures of the trip when I return!

Hasta manana!


  1. It's so great to hear of your adventures! What an awesome experience, even if there are new things to get use to. We do take little things for granted, don't we. Between the showers and the limited amount of things you could bring, I'd probably have a hard time. I drag more to work each day than you took to Spain! LOL

    Your sardine comment made me think of my anchovy experience. I sure have acquired a liking for seafood over the years.

    Still no word on if I can send Flat Stanley to you. I'm getting him ready to send back to Illinois next week. I wanted to take him around Sioux City, but his adventures at the Winter Games may have to be enough. I'll check with my cousin one more time. Maybe I'll "clone" him and send you one anyway.

    Looking forward to the next installment on your blog. I'm off to comment on kids blogs from Irving. Here are the URLs if you ever get a chance! They'd love getting comments from SPAIN.

    Three of the four 5th Grade Classes have started! I love seeing them get into blogging. Amazing!


  2. Thanks for the comment, Kathy! I'd love to check out those 5th graders' blogs! I bet they're pretty fun to read.

    Keep me updated on the Flat Stanley. I'm still more than willing to take him (or the clone)!

    I hope you're staying warm in Iowa!