Thursday, February 10, 2011

First day trip to Trujillo!

The castle in Trujillo, Spain
Well, whoever said Trujillo was "muy precioso" was right. I never would have thought that such a small town outside of Caceres would be so unbelievable! We arrived around 11am, climbed up to the castle, stopped at the wine and cheese museum on the way down, and ate lunch. For lunch, our group split into two groups: the group whose mothers packed their lunches for them, and the group whose mothers did not. Lola didn't pack our lunch because she told us there was this amazing restaurant we needed to try while we were there... so we did! La Troya was the name of the restaurant, and it was such a fun time! There were about 8 of us who ate there and right away they gave us tortilla espanola, salad, bread, and wine. Then the waiter came and listed off the options for the first course. We all ordered paella and pasta. Then the waiter came back and said "segundo" and starts listing more things off. So we all ordered plates of beef and chicken. The waiter came back again and asks if we wanted MORE and we all said no right away, so he says "postres!" and lists off all of the desserts. Of course, we all wanted dessert; I had flan. Since there were no menus, this whole time we had no idea how much any of this was going to cost so we were all getting a little nervous. It ended up being about 15 euros per person... which is pretty pricey, but it was worth it! There was also a stork that traveled from table to table at the restaurant - we were all pretty excited when it came to visit us.

At lunch with the stork
This week flew by! On Monday, we took a small tour with other students who are here studying abroad from all over the world. After the tour, we had tapas and got a chance to talk to each other. We met a few students from Italy, Germany, France, and different parts of the U.S. It was neat to meet students from all over the world and hear so many accents! Monday night, Claire and I did some shopping... I ended up buying two more pairs of shoes. I haven't even been here for two weeks and I've bought three pairs. I think I'm done buying shoes for a while. 

Tuesday was Keely's birthday (a girl in our group). She invited a few of us over to her piso and we had chocolate cake and used Nutella as frosting... YUM. Then we all planned our Semana Santa (Spring Break) travel plans. We booked our flight from Madrid to London, bought chunnel tickets from London to Paris, and booked our flight from Paris back to Madrid. Best Spring Break ever? I think so. :) After we planned our trip, we met the rest of the group for tapas and more dessert to continue celebrating Keely's birthday. 

Tomorrow, we are taking our first group excursion with our director to Merida, Spain. It's just a day trip and only about an hour away, but it's supposed to be an amazing, historical city with many Roman monuments. I can't wait for more amazing sites!

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